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The Be Magical Kids Club
is an online club for children to
remember how magical they are!

Children Are Already Magical! They...

are curious
use their imaginations
love unconditionally

Good News is...
Knowing this will empower children
in all areas such as school, friends, activities and family.

Bad News is...
Telling children is not enough.

More Good News...
Children learn by experience.
The Club is designed to give them amazing experiences!

What children believe about themselves will influence who they
are and what they do in a positive or negative way.

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Member Benefits

Each week you will receive a magical lesson on video for your child.

Alan teaches fun ways to be magical.

These videos are designed to empower your child.

One topic per video...

Learning a Magic Trick
How to make a delicious (Healthy) Treat
Life skills
Art projects
Social skills
Playing a fun game

Designed to encourage your child to...

Be Powerful
Be Healthy
Be Happy
Be Smart
Be Strong
Be Magical!

You also receive monthly tickets to
Alan's online Be Magical Show!

Alan performs a live comedy magic show.
A different Magic Show each month.
If you can't make the live show, watch the recording.
The show is approximately 20 minutes.
You can invite friends to watch the show too.
It's on Zoom so children can participate!


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Pricing Monthly
$15 Per Month
(Automatically Billed Monthly. Cancel Anytime.)
Pricing Yearly
$97 Per Year
(An $83 Saving)
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