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Alan Rich

Alan Rich started his Magic Career at 10 years old. He was in the first grade.


Alan Rich changed his name because the kids would tease him. His real name was Filthy Rich.


Alan's Uncle, Izzy Rich was a famous magician all over the world, but mainly in Reseda. He taught Alan magic because he saw something special in the boy. He saw that if Alan learned magic, he would stop being a heckler.


Alan was a good magician. He would turn invisible and nobody could see him. Later in life he realized this was because he was a middle child.


He loved to make his classmates laugh by performing magic and eating crayons.


Even his teachers thought he should go into comedy. Every report card was the same. "Alan needs to Improv!"


At fifteen years old, he got his dream job at a magic store. He read all the books and learned all the tricks. Working at the magic store really inspired Alan to never again have a boss.


Alan turned twenty years old and decided to become a full-time magician. His parents loved his jokes and they recommended that Alan should be a mime.


The next 25 years: Alan has performed at thousands of shows and loves his career. He says the hours are great, especially during the slow months.


To Alan, a group of thirty celebrating a birthday party, or a corporate event of a 1000 people has the same intention. Entertain with magic and give the gift of laughter. He claims to be a healer, and quotes, "Laughter is the best medicine."

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